Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Traditional Extraction: Pure Wellness
Experience the purity of Cold Pressed Sunflower Cooking Oil, extracted with a Wooden Churner. This traditional method retains more health benefits, with no chemicals, preservatives, solvents, or heat, preserving natural goodness.
LDL/HDL Balance for Heart Health
Support heart health with the balanced LDL and HDL cholesterol in Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil. Opt for a no-cholesterol or no-bad-cholesterol option, contributing to overall well-being.
Cost-Effective Health with Viscosity
Benefit from the unique viscosity factor, making Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil a cost-effective choice that may save on future medical bills. The oil’s viscosity influences usage and consumption for health and budget.
Eco-Friendly: Ayurvedic Essence
Indulge in eco-friendly manufacturing, following the ancient Indian churning method. Preserve the root element of cure according to Ayurveda, enhancing your dishes and supporting overall well-being.
Nutrient-Rich: Nature's Harmony
Savor nutrient-rich Wood Pressed Sunflower Oil, embodying nature’s harmony. With no chemicals, preservatives, solvents, or heat, this oil ensures optimal health benefits for a mindful culinary experience.
Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil 2,100  2,049  / 5-litre
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