Rose Lip Balm

  • Handmade with Care
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Chemical-Free Beauty
  • Delicate Rose Essence
  • Luxurious Lip Care
  • Moisturizing Elegance
  • Daily Nourishment

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Experience the natural beauty of roses with Orgotel Organic’s Rose Lip Balm! Pampered yourself in nature’s fragrance with this lip balm made with 100% natural ingredients that are hand-made with precision to provide long-term moisture and nourishment, keeping lips soft and supple throughout the day. Whether as a base under lipstick application or alone product – Orgotel Organic’s Rose Lip Balm can help achieve the soft lips you’ve always dreamt about achieving! So go ahead, indulge yourself today by treating yourself with nature’s goodness! Treat yourself and pamper yourself today with Orgotel Organic’s Rose Lip Balm today!


Gentle Application: Glide the lip balm over your lips, savoring its velvety texture and delicate aroma.

Whenever Needed: Use throughout the day for a nourishing boost, especially in dry or cold conditions.

Part of Routine: Incorporate it into your daily skincare regimen for continuous lip care.


Crafted by Hand: Every lip balm is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting our commitment to traditional beauty values.

Pure Goodness: Embrace the power of natural ingredients, knowing your lips are free from harmful chemicals.

Chemical-Free Elegance: Experience the grace of chemical-free beauty care, enhancing the natural beauty of your lips.

Delicate Rose Aura: Enjoy the subtle allure of rose, as it enriches your lip care routine with its soothing essence.

Lip Luxury: Indulge in a luxurious lip care experience, as the balm’s smooth texture pampers your lips.

Hydration Boost: The lip balm’s moisturizing touch keeps your lips soft, supple, and protected.

Daily Nurturing: Make it a part of your daily routine for lips that radiate health and natural beauty.

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