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Cold Pressed Black Sesame Cooking Oil

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Rich in beneficial nutrients and minerals
Cold Pressed Black Sesame Cooking Oil, packed with essential nutrients and minerals, ideal for health-conscious cooking.
Enhances bone density, prevents osteoporosis
Cold-pressed black sesame cooking oil, rich in calcium, promotes stronger bones and helps in preventing osteoporosis.
Anti-inflammatory properties, soothes arthritis
Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, our cold-pressed black sesame oil offers relief for arthritis sufferers and promotes overall joint health.
Contains healthy fats, aids weight management
Rich in healthy fats, our cold-pressed black sesame oil supports weight management and adds a nutritious boost to your meals.
Promotes heart health, lowers cholesterol
Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil, ideal for heart health and reducing cholesterol with its natural, nutrient-rich profile. Perfect for wholesome cooking.
Boosts hair growth; prevents graying
Cold pressed black sesame oil, ideal for promoting hair growth and preventing early graying, offers a natural solution for hair care.


Our Cold Pressed Black Sesame Cooking Oil Contains

It increases Good Cholesterol. It is healthy for your diet.

It is less healthy. Too much of saturated fat increases Bad Cholesterol.

It increases Bad Cholesterol and decreases Good Cholesterol.

Cold pressed black sesame cooking oil is packed with antioxidants like sesamol and sesamin, which protect your body from free radicals and promote overall health.

Black sesame oil contains heart-healthy fats and lignans that help reduce cholesterol levels, supporting a healthy heart and blood vessels.

With anti-inflammatory properties, this oil alleviates joint pain and stiffness, making it beneficial for individuals with arthritis or other joint issues.

Rich in omega-6 fatty acids and sesamol, black sesame oil supports cognitive function, improves memory, and enhances overall brain health.

This oil helps cleanse your body by promoting liver health and enhancing metabolic processes, ensuring your body functions at its best.