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Cold Pressed Mustard Cooking Oil

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Cold Pressed Mustard Cooking Oil 200 1,499 (incl. of all taxes)

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Helps reducing bad cholesterol level
Cold Pressed Mustard Cooking Oil naturally aids in lowering bad cholesterol, promoting a healthier heart with every use.
Lowers blood sugar levels, helps in diabetes
Cold Pressed Mustard Cooking Oil, ideal for diabetes management, naturally helps in reducing blood sugar levels.
Stimulates digestion, improves gut health
Cold pressed mustard cooking oil that aids digestion and boosts gut health with every flavorful drop.
Supports weight loss, boosts metabolism
Cold Pressed Mustard Oil aids in weight management and enhances metabolic rates, making it a healthy choice for your cooking needs.
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Cold pressed mustard oil, abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, supports heart health and enhances overall well-being.
Antimicrobial effects combat skin infections
Cold Pressed Mustard Oil naturally fights skin infections with its antimicrobial properties, promoting clearer, healthier skin.
Stimulates hair growth, prevents dandruff
Cold pressed mustard oil, ideal for stimulating hair growth and preventing dandruff, offers a natural solution for maintaining healthy hair.
Promotes skin health, fights acne
Cold-pressed mustard oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nourishes your skin and effectively combats acne for a clearer complexion.

Our Cold Pressed Mustard Cooking Oil Contains

It increases Good Cholesterol. It is healthy for your diet.

It is less healthy. Too much of saturated fat increases Bad Cholesterol.

It increases Bad Cholesterol and decreases Good Cholesterol.

With a high smoke point, cold pressed mustard cooking oil is perfect for frying and high-temperature cooking, preserving its nutritional value and preventing harmful compounds.

Naturally free from cholesterol, mustard oil promotes heart health and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Cold-pressed mustard oil retains its natural nutrients and flavor, avoiding harmful chemicals and additives found in refined oils.

The cold-pressing method avoids high-heat and chemical extraction processes, ensuring the oil remains pure and free from harmful residues.

Endorsed by traditional Indian Ayurveda, mustard oil is believed to balance bodily doshas, supporting holistic health and wellness.